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Welcome to Skansen!

Hej guys!

A new week, a new blog post. Last week was still very busy because my parents were in Stockholm to visit us and discover a new city! They enjoyed the trip but they expected Stockholm to “look a bit more like London”. Now they know it better! In my opinion you can’t compare the cities but I love both of them. We did a lot of things… Went to Hermans, the Museum of Modern Art, The Nobel Museum, and a lot more.

On the day before they left we went to a place called “Skansen”. This place is a little village where people live, work, eat and shop like 100-250 years ago. Just to be sure you are aware of that: Everything there is a big role play. You pay around 12€ entry so they can pay the actors and everything else there. I wasn’t sure about what to expect because I heard good and bad things about this place but my parents wanted to see it so I joined. I am glad I did!

Skansen is located on the island of Djurgarden. You can get there either by metro or by ferry. I prefer the ferry because I like to be on the water and you have such an amazing view on the promenade of Södermalm and Gamla Stan.

When we stepped into the village one of the first things we did was entering a glass blowing workshop. It was so amazing to see how they made glass so many years ago and the process is still similar today! There was also a shop in the building where you could buy the pieces of glass they made next to you! They had a lot of decoration but also some drinking glasses, etc.

Afterwards we went to their neighbors to learn about how it was to work in a furniture factory in the beginning of the 19th century. The woman inside was restoring an old chair when we entered. She welcomed us kindly and told us the story behind the factory. For example that there were 10 people working inside the building and it was the first time that each member of the team had their own task in the pipeline. It was something new back then to handle it this way. She added that they didn’t have electricity there from the beginning on. At first the machines got their power by a motor which worked together with a water wheel. Later the water wheel was there to produce electricity.


A few houses later we walked into the kitchen of a higher middle class family in 1830. The family was not there at the moment but their maid was. She told us that she was in the middle of the preparations for Christmas. It was so interesting to see how the living room, the kitchen and everything looked like. The maid told us that it was pretty new at this time to have a wallpaper with a texture on it. A few decades later it was discovered that the color of the texture caused cancer because it was made out of arsen (as far as I remember).

The maid also told us that we need to visit the shop right around the corner. We did that and when I entered the shop it was as if I was transferred into the TV show “Outlander”. For everybody who is watching it (SPOILER AHEAD), do you remember when Claire was in that herb shop/farmacy in France? It looked so similar! It was so cool. I was so amazed that I forgot to take a picture… sorry! 🙂 There were already goods like coffee beans and sugar from nearly all over the world! Crazy if you think it was in the 19th century.


When we walked into the next building we entered another store but one century later. It was a middle sized room with a big shop counter and an beautiful old mechanic register. They had a lot of metal and ceramic stuff for the kitchen and the household in general! Beautiful stuff…


Later that day we also discovered that Skansen has an area where they hold some wild animals like reindeers, moose, bears and also seals. That was disappointing because wild animals need to be free and not caught in a small compound. Even though some of them had some space it is still not acceptable. Look at these beautiful beings… They deserve better.

There was also a building with small animals and pets such as mouses, rats, guinea pigs and a lot more. They had it way better because they had a lot of space, goods to play with, they were in company and they could decide if they wanted to be inside or outside. Anouk and I decided in there that as soon as we can offer enough space and a good place to live we also want to have guinea pigs! They are so adorable!

There were also some other friends walking around in Skansen…


After we walked around in Skansen for a few hours we discovered an old post office. Back then it was common to have something like a post office or school in the same building where the people are also living. So right out of the office room we walked into the bedroom of the employee there. Everything seemed to be so cozy. I wonder how it really was to live 200 years ago! Here you can see an old newspaper on the desk there.

Now it was already dark and our feet started to hurt, our stomachs were screaming for a cinnamon bun and the fingers on our hands looked like icicles. It was time to go home! Just before we went outside we discovered another store where they made pottery directly in front of your eyes. It was like in the glass blowing workshop because you were also able to buy the stuff they made. Beautiful plates, jars, bowls and everything you need in your kitchen but so expensive. For example a small bowl for olives or some other small things was around 10€. Maybe some other day… or maybe I found some presents there? Who knows?! 🙂

I learned a lot about how it was living in the past on that day! Definitely worth a visit but I will write the Skansen Team somehow a message with my thoughts about the wild animals who belong in the nature. Maybe they are open minded and rethink their concept? 🙂 Maybe install a virtual reality zoo there?

Currently we are already on our next trip to Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund. Stay tuned for a new travel dairy soon!

See you soon and take care,

Anouk & Ken


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