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Vegan Ben&Jerry’s Icecream

Even before we moved to Stockholm, we got excited when we read the news: the icecream company Ben&Jerry’s sells non-dairy vegan icecream in Stockholm!
We already knew that these icecream cups would be available in Germany as well, but nobody really knows when they will be launched there.. In the 7 eleven supermarkets in Stockholm however, they are already available!

To be honest, Ben&Jerry’s icecream was never our prefered brand, just because it is freakin’ expensive. The flavours are honestly amazing though!

That’s why we joined the hype around the three new Ben&Jerry’s flavours and bought all the three of them in Stockholm, only a few days after we arrived. So we spent around 26โ‚ฌ for three (not that big) cups of icecream – something that we would normally never do! This however was an exception and a treat for us, since the first two weeks in Stockholm felt like pure summer vacation to us..:)

We LOVE to see big companys like Ben&Jerry’s releasing cruelty-free and vegan products! That’s why we enjoy testing them and maybe some of you are interested in what we think about the flavours as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Every coin that is spent on vegan so called “alternative products” is one less coin spent in support of the absolutely cruel and brutal dairy industry and helps companies and the market in generel to produce more and more cruelty-free products.

To learn more about why we think the milk/dairy industry is at least as cruel as the meat industry, start inform yourself. You can also find plenty of information about the negative health effects dairy products have on humans. Possible sources can be documentaries like Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, What The Health, Food Choices or Websites such as nutritionfacts.org or some of the thousands of books about this topic. Just go and connect to your food. Make your own decision!


Now let’s do our first taste test!

We both tested all three new vegan Ben&Jerry’s flavours, such as: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey and Peanutbutter & Cookies.

And we can say, we are absolutely convinced by the texture, flavour and also design of these icecreams!

Our 3rd place in the ranking between the flavours is Chunky Monkey. It is banana icecream with walnut pieces and chocolate chunks in it. We both didn’t like the banana flavour very much, I guess it’s very difficult to reproduce the flavour of a good and fresh banana. However, together with the nuts and chocolate chunks it is still a decent icecream we enjoy once in a while!

On the 2nd place we voted Chocolate Fudge Brownie. The flavour is reeeeally chocolatey and there is much goey brownie dough in it, which takes the icecream to the next level. However I would have liked it even more with some chocolate chunks or rasps in it!

Finally on number 1 of the new flavours we see Peanutbutter & Cookies. This icecream combines two totally delicious treats together: chunky peanutbutter and oreo-like cookie crisps! The vanilla icecream together with the chunks is just so delicious and mouthwatering. This is definetely the flavour we recommend the most!

So I hope you will try the new vegan Ben&Jerry’s as well and if you have already tried them, let us know what you think about them! ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way: there are so many more vegan products available in Stockholm, not only icecream from other brands but also totally different foods, that we decided we will do some blog posts about the other products as well. So stay tuned for more plantbased deliciousness!

You will read from us soon ๐Ÿ™‚
Anouk & Ken



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