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Trip to Copenhagen, Malmö & Lund

Hi there!

The days in Sweden are still getting shorter and shorter. Now it gets dark even before 3 pm and although we don’t have snow at the moment it’s pretty cold and frosty. We enjoy the Christmas markets, baking cookies and meeting with friends for dinner or a movie – I love the cozy times before Christmas! 🙂

Last weekend though, as we told you in our last post, we went on another trip, to another country again. This time we went to Copenhagen (Denmark) and to Southern Sweden, Malmö and Lund to be exact. We went on the trip together with our wonderful friend who also came to Norway, Russia, Finland and Estland with us – this combination of us has proven to be an awesome travel-trio! 🙂

Sleep in Heaven Hostel in Copenhagen 

We started very early on a Friday morning and took a train to Copenhagen. It took us a bit more than five hours and the journey cost us 54€ per person both ways. I really like travelling by train. It’s a bit more comfortable as taking a bus, especially if you have these small tables in front of your seat which make it more comfortable to eat or play card games while travelling 🙂 Our first night in Copenhagen we slept in the hostel “Sleep in Heaven” which looked even more beautiful on the inside, than on the outside! We explored the city a bit on the first day and what shall I say – it’s so beautiful there!! I don’t know why, but I expected it to be nothing very special. Instead I loved it so much more than I thought! Beautiful old buildings everywhere, cute café’s, colorful streetart and houses and a market place where they lighted hundreds of candles and put them on the ground in circles.


In the evening we went out to a great club named “Culture Box” and let’s say we didn’t sleep much that night 🙂 On the next day we packed our stuff again and after a visit in Nyhavn we took a Flixbus to Malmö, Sweden. After a bit over an hour we arrived in Malmö and made our way to our cute Airbnb. If you are looking for a place to stay in Malmö ask us – we can totally recommend these rooms! Malmö was nice, but not very special. So if you don’t have any specific plans in that town we would recommend to go somewhere else 🙂 The oldtown looked beautiful though!

Oldtown of Malmö

On the next day we went to the Modern Art Museum of Malmö. There were two exhibitions and we really liked the video exhibition on currently discussed topics such as intersexuality, people who flee from their home countries and stereotypes. The entry was free so if you ever visit Malmö this museum is worth a visit!

For lunch we went to an all vegan all you can eat buffet with Asian cuisine, it was awesome to see how crowded it was there! 🙂

Video exhibition at the Museum of Modern Arts, Malmö

After lunch we headed to the train station and took a train to Lund, which actually only took about 10 minutes to go there – we thought it would take much longer 🙂 In comparison to Malmö, we liked Lund more. It had a beautiful and very decorated oldtown and we visited a beautiful church, the university of Lund and a pub 🙂 After some hours we left again, with a Nettbus back to Copenhagen this time. For each journey (Copenhagen – Malmö, Malmö – Lund, Lund – Copenhagen) we payed less than 10€ per person and per journey.

Church in Lund 

We spent the last night of our trip in the “Copenhagen Downtown Hostel” which was also quite okay, but we prefered the “Sleep in Heaven” hostel. It was nice though, to try out two different ones! The price per person and per night in each hostel was around 15€.

On our last day, we spent a while walking through the city and beautiful Christiana. The coloured houses, café’s and shops there really made us feel as if we were somewhere totally different! We loved it 🙂

Something we can also highly recommend was the Copenhagen street food hall on paper island where we actually ate twice while being in Copenhagen. They had delicious vegan jackfruit burgers and focacchia for example – but also some more vegan dishes! Unfortunately the street food hall will close soon, so if you have the chance to got there in the next weeks, definitely do so! 🙂

In the evening, when we travelled back to Stockholm, I realised again how privileged we are that we can do these trips, explore so many cities and countries and have a wonderful time together. I will never forget that. I’m so grateful for the amazing times we have together here in Scandinavia 🙂

We wish you all a wonderful upcoming week and that it may make you grateful for some things as well in case you aren’t already 🙂

Thanks for reading all of our posts btw, we are often surprised how many people visit westrayandstay.com during the week!

Until then,
Anouk & Ken

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