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Five new products we discovered

Today we want to introduce you all to a new series of posts that will continue to pop up on our blog in the next months. We thought it would be cool to show you some products we newly discovered or bought for the first time and tell you our honest opinion about them 🙂

So here we start with the first five products, which were all purchased at a Swedish Lidl and didn’t cost more than 3€/30 Swedish Crowns per item.

1. Chokladbollar

Those of you who have been to Sweden already might know about the traditional Swedish delicassy of chokladbollar (chocolate balls). Consisting of sugar, cocoa, cooking fat, vanilla and some optional drops of rum or coffee, these sweets remind me of an unhealthy version of bliss balls 😀

At Lidl, we found some pretty cheap vegan chokladbollars and tried them for the first time. They are okay… The consistency is so so sugary that it feels really scrunchy when you bite into them, which we didn’t really like. It was nice to try them but we won’t buy them again, just too sweet for us! Also when we tried homemade chokladbollars in one of our favourite café’s here, we realised how much better they taste! Therefore we would recommend you to try some homemade ones instead of storebought chokladbollars 🙂

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Food Grocery haul Vegan

Staples in a vegan household – first grocery shopping in Stockholm

While many people are mostly excited to visit tourist attractions and go shopping when they come to a new city – guess what we are most excited for..?

Grocery shopping it is! 🙂

We just love to discover supermarkets or actual markets we have never been to before, try out foods we didn’t even know existed and see what vegan produce is available in other countries.

When we came to Stockholm, we went grocery shopping on the very first day. In our opinion it is so so important to have a good variety of staples at home, regardless of whether you live in your long-term home or you just moved to another place!

Despite the fact that local supermarkets which we don’t have in Germany (in Stockholm it’s ICA, Willy’s, Hemköp or Coop) offer a more interesting range of products to us, we decided to go to a Lidl first – simply because it is by far the cheapest supermarket here. On the first picture you can see everything we got!

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