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Staples in a vegan household – first grocery shopping in Stockholm

While many people are mostly excited to visit tourist attractions and go shopping when they come to a new city – guess what we are most excited for..?

Grocery shopping it is! 🙂

We just love to discover supermarkets or actual markets we have never been to before, try out foods we didn’t even know existed and see what vegan produce is available in other countries.

When we came to Stockholm, we went grocery shopping on the very first day. In our opinion it is so so important to have a good variety of staples at home, regardless of whether you live in your long-term home or you just moved to another place!

Despite the fact that local supermarkets which we don’t have in Germany (in Stockholm it’s ICA, Willy’s, Hemköp or Coop) offer a more interesting range of products to us, we decided to go to a Lidl first – simply because it is by far the cheapest supermarket here. On the first picture you can see everything we got!

This was a great haul, however we went to other supermarkets as well, since we couldn’t get everything from Lidl that we wanted and we just love to check out new supermarkets.

In this post we would like to show you what we consider a good variety of staples for a healthy and vibrant vegan living. Of course we do not consider all the items you can see on the first picture staples – so here you go with an actual staple picture!

Let me list all these things and explain a bit why we consider them to be staples and why we think you need them in your pantry as well 🙂

  1. Apples: apples are real allrounders – they are an easy snack on the go, they can be used in breakfasts, desserts or even in salads and provide you with lots of vitamins. We think there’s a reason behind the common saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!” 🙂 However if you prefer other fruit over apples, they can of course be substituted – just make sure you have fruits at home – always!
  2. Bananas: we simply love bananas, it’s definetely one of our favourite fruits. We mostly use them for our daily smoothies, however they are versatile like apples as well! We always buy a big bunch of bananas for the following week, so they have enough time to ripen up. Only if there is no green visible on them anymore and they have brown spots, they are really ripe and best to digest!
  3. Berries: Berries in all their variations are little nature’s candies filled with antioxidants and vitamins that keep you healthy and help you thriving. We often blend berries into our smoothies and also enjoy them with our oats/pancakes or other sweet breakfasts. They are oh so delicious! (And frozen ones are much cheaper than fresh berries).
  4. Leafy greens: We like to include more and more greens like salad, spinach, herbs and rucola into our meals for a while now. They provide us with calcium (for strong bones), magnesium (for the cardiovescular system), iron, B-vitamins and vitamin c, just to name a few! If you’re not a big fan of eating green salads daily, try out putting them into smoothies, stir fries, “buddha” bowls or as a side to really any other savory dish!
  5. Tomatoes: my favourite vegetable I guess (I know they truly are fruit), and also a great provider of antioxidants which help fight against free radicals in your blood! We use them in salads, on bread, in stir frys, for tomatoe sauce… The options are endless! However, of course if you don’t like them very much just make sure to have other vegetables at home! Besides the fresh ones, we always like to have chopped tomatoes, (organic) ketchup and tomatoe paste on hand for easy cooking.
  6. Carrots: To me, carrots are kind of an equivalent to apples. They are the vegetable version of a very easy snack, and a real allrounder since you can use them in so many ways! It’s best to eat them together with healthy fats, so that your body is able to absorb all their nutrients such as carotin.
  7. Potatoes: Fries. Do I have to say more? Potatoes are often underestimated or considered to be unhealthy, which is so sad. There are so many ways to eat these providers of zinc, magnesium, calium, and different vitamins in a healthy and delicious way!
  8. Onions and garlic (not included in the picture): Both very healthy vegetables which improve the taste of so many meals! Did you know, that red onions are much healthier than the white ones?
  9. Beans: Beans are the best answer to the sadly so common question “But where do vegans get their protein from?”. Beans and other legumes like lentils and peas consist of up to over 40% plant protein! However, have you ever heard about a protein defficient person? As long as you aren’t a top athelete and you eat a balanced diet of mostly whole foods, you don’t need any supplements or animal protein to get enough of it. But this is another topic.. We decided to buy kidney beans, chickpeas and baked beans, however we also always have lentils and peas on hand 🙂
  10. Plant milk: Milk made from soy beans or any other plants has so many advantages in comparison to cow’s milk, they don’t contain pus in them to begin with. We decided to go for soy and oat milk to put in our oatmeals and smoothies.
  11. Peanut butter: The one we got is not the healthiest version, however it cointains healthy fats and tastes bomb..:)
  12. Jam and agave sirup: Normally we have self made jam, but since we just moved here we had to improvise. We use both for sweetening and the jam is also great on bread and in oatmeals of course!
  13. Dried herbs, spices, vegetable stock and mustard:  to improve the taste of so many dishes!
  14. Pasta: the least healthy product in our staples is regular wheat pasta (you could easily replace it by healthier versions). Pasta is literally our comfort food, so we always have it at home for rainy or moody days.

There are some more products we would consider staples for a vegan household as well, such as oats, nuts, rice, lentils, couscous or bulgur and millet for example. We didn’t buy those things on that particular day, however we try to always have them at home.

Of course not everybody is the same and not everybody would consider these products to be staples or they would include other products as well. However we wanted to give you an insight into our kitchen and into what we consider to be a variety of staples that let you live a healthy vegan life – maybe it was helpful or at least interesting for some of you!

Let us know what you think is missing in this post!

Have a great rest of your day and you will hear from us soon..:)

Anouk & Ken

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    August 27, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    Great post guys very informative , I look forward to reading more from the both of you . Keep up the good work . Rebeah from Instagram

  • Reply
    Alexander H.
    September 7, 2017 at 5:30 am

    Word! #vegan4ThePlanet 😉

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