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Recent Thoughts

When I was younger I loved to write. For years I wrote into my diaries, of which I have at least ten in a big box in the attic. I wrote a book full of short stories when I was around 15 years, songtexts and poems have always inspired me and my favourite tasks in school usually involved writing essays or interpretations. I’ve usually kept my writing to myself and to be honest, I haven’t written anything in years – until a few months ago.
I guess the only reason I started writing again was, because I also recently draw something again. Although I don’t like what I drew at all, I realised how much fun it is to have a creative outlet. So it’s just for fun and because I like having pictures or texts I wrote to look back to.
Maybe you enjoy reading my most recent short texts, let me know what you think 🙂
Also I’d be interested in what your creative outlets are & whether there are any writers out there? What do you usually write and why?
Have a great day everybody!


Running Thoughts

Thoughts running like horses through a city of skyscrapers.

Slowly finding their way to a jungle of lived and living memories.

Heated conversations inside oneself, reeking of ambition, filled with cracks like broken glass. Life learning that happens mostly inside.

Think those thoughts.

Don’t let fear stop you in finding what you love and wish for the most.

There’s no finish line for getting to know oneself, we’re all sparkling spots in a process bigger than the concepts of time and space.

What we’re yearning for snuggles inside of us, wrapped in silver lined wrapping paper and covered with dust of the years we have lived on this planet.

We just have to dig and let it be free.

Let us be free.

Ups and Downs

Ups and downs.

Rapid downfalls, steady climbs up high, small bursts in joyful moments, laughter without any resistance.

Pen and paper, notes over notes on smartphone apps, colours on the wrong paper, nights alone between pillows and with only the warmth of oneself.

Sun rays caught on purpose, media that shows a way further, long train rides of which the views stay present, homecooked meals enjoyed with friends.

Ups and downs.

Learning doesn’t happen according to plans.

It comes in waves.

Getting to know all the emotions, perceptions of the self, relations to others and nature.

Ups and downs.

Music. Dreams and hopes. Stars in a wasteland of a galaxy.


Distant voices discussing something over the chirping of birds flying above the streets, welcoming the sun and her light for the day.

Mild colours through sleepy and hazy eyes.

Closing again.

Rolling through dreams and sweat from the night,

kicking blankets away.

The sense of early but strong rays of sunshine

which tickle my face

as I begin to see again.

A new day is here.

We are here.

The awakening of all the muscles and the body’s senses – stretches in bed.

Thoughts of dreams,

Seemingly distant, as from a whole other world.

The frenetic search for the story, the world I left behind.

The realisation: it is gone.

I am here now.

I am.

In this big world.

Planet earth.

The wooden floorboard aching under years and years

Of different people walking.

Living for their dreams, in this tiny room.

Two steps to the window, wrapped in a white bedcover.

These first moments of seeking an impression of the outside world.

People talking, sipping on their first coffee,

A small street full of human entities, wearing their favourite colours.

I am them.

I am here.

Uncontrollable smiles as I realise

This is a gift

This day

Full of sun, chances, meaningful moments

And the freedom to live it

The way I want.

The way I am.

I am me.

I am myself.

I am them.

I am you.

We are human.

We are all connected.

Spring’s here.

I play some calm morning music, as I light some incense.

I fold the covers and stretch

Until I put on some fabric covers over my body

and long for a cup of tea on the balcony.

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