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Our Trip to Swedish Lapland

Hello dear readers!

This is the last blog post we publish from Stockholm, before we move back to Germany. It’s really sad saying goodbye to all our amazing friends here, doing all these everyday things for the last times in Stockholm, finishing up our staple foods and packing our stuff. We are really looking forward to see our families and friends again in Germany but this goodbye here in Stockholm is such a hard one.

For our last trip in Scandinavia while we’re here we decided to go to Swedish Lapland with four of our friends.

Last Sunday we woke up very early to catch a flight from Stockholm to Luleå in the north of Sweden. We flew with Norwegian Air and had a nice flying experience watching the sun rise while we started from Stockholm 🙂

In Luleå, we took a train which brought us to Kiruna, a city even more north. By choosing the train instead of flying all the way up to Kiruna, we saved some money and it was just wonderful to see the snowy landscape through the windows. 4,5 hours later we arrived in Kiruna and it was sooooooooooo freezing cold! Our apps showed a temperature of -18 degrees celsius and the real feel indicator said it feels like -28 degrees – and it really did!

Views from the train

We stayed in Kiruna for four nights, in a hostel called “Spis”. The room was okay but the hostel had an awesome and very big kitchen and a sauna which could be used for free! We enjoyed staying there so much 🙂

On our first evening we just went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for a coconut curry and enjoyed a relaxed evening in the sauna. On the next moring, we picked up a car we had rented the day before and drove to a small village of Sami people, the indiginous people of Lapland.

Unfortunately the Sami weren’t there (I guess they live somewhere else during winter time) and there was not much to do, but we had an awesome roadtrip through the snow anyways! 🙂 We hoped to see a wild moose or two, in fact we were so lucky and saw 13 (!!) mooses standing on or near the street! This made me so so happy, it’s nice to see that these animals live there in (restrcited) peace. They weren’t afraid of us as I thought they would be and just curiously stared at us while we stopped and took some pictures. Did you guys know that male mooses loose their antlers every year in winter to save energy resources and regrow it in spring? Such cool animals!

In the evening we drove outside of town and looked out for northern lights – unfortunatey we weren’t lucky. We also drove to the icehotel and icebar nearby and were lucky to get in for free because it was late already!

Group photo of us in the “Ice Bar”

On our third day, Tuesday, it was already so much “warmer” compared to when we first arrived. We walked around the city, visited a very old and very beautiful church and a small local shopping centre. In the evening we began to play a card game called “bunga bunga” and went a bit crazy over it – it’s so much fun!

Wednesday we decided we wanted to learn more about Sami culture and visited a Sami museum where we ate delicious vegan tomato soup and bean stew with traditional Sami flatbread. It’s so cool that you can get vegan food everywhere in Sweden, even in the most remote areas!

Typical Sami baby bed

Friendly guest in the Sami village

Warming up in the “restaurant tent”

On Thursday morning it was time to leave again already. We left the hostel around seven in the morning when it was still dark and we saw some light green northern lights from the bus! After a five hour bus ride in a very comfortable bus to Luleå, we explored the city a bit more before we flew back to Stockholm in the evening. On the way to the airport we saw many wild reindeers along the street! We didn’t expect to see so many wild animals in Sweden, I was so happy 🙂

We safely landed in Stockholm and got back home around 11 pm.

Unfortunatley we didn’t have a lot of luck in spotting the “Northern Lights”

If you have any questions about Kiruna, the hostel etc. please comment or text us and we’re happy to help as good as we can 🙂

Now we have only a few days left in Stockholm and we enjoy them to the fullest. We will miss Stockholm, the water, the tiny alleys in Gamla Stan, the great food, our cozy apartment and of course our friends here so much!

We don’t know for sure how we will keep up with blog posts in the future, maybe we’ll post less often but still regularly – we will let you know! You can also follow us on Instagram and watch our stories to check if new blog posts are published.

Have a great end of the first month of 2018, bye 🙂
Anouk & Ken

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