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Our favourite restaurants in stockholm

Hej there from Germany!

We’re back in the country of beer and beautiful forests since last Thursday 🙂

It’s much warmer here than in Stockholm at the moment and we enjoy the time with our families very much. Not so long until we leave again, this time for South East Asia! And let me say, we’re beyond excited..:) So if you have any last-minute tips on vegan restaurants, cafés, nice beaches or other cool stuff to do in the South of Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, definitely let us know! We appreciate it 🙂

Due to our travels, we probably won’t post on here in the next few weeks. But after that we’ll tell you everything about our trip!

Today we want to show you some of our favourite vegan restaurants in Stockholm. In comparison to the South of Germany around Stuttgart, there are so many vegan places in Stockholm! Hopefully this will change in Stuttgart as well 🙂

Without further do, let’s begin!

3. Chutney 

Chutney is an Indian restaurant which offers mostly vegan and some vegetarian dishes. We finally visited it in our last week in Stockholm and loved it! There’s a menu with many different options where you pay about 12-15 € for a huge plate of deliciousness. However, we decided for the all you can eat option which is less expensive (around 13€) and you get more food. The difference is, that with the all you can eat you don’t get to have a beautifully arranged plate – however you can eat more for a similar price and get to try different meals!

With the all you can eat option you can get two huge plates (believe me you will not want to eat more). You can choose between four dishes, of which one changes daily. It’s allowed to have two dishes on your plate so in the end you can try out all four 🙂 There’s also a free buffet with different flavoured waters, tea, coffee, salad, different breads, chutney, chili etc.

Chutney is located in Södermalm, the most alternative neighbourhood in Stockholm, at Katarina Bangata 19. We would recommend to make a reservation, since the restaurant was packed when we were there.

Here you can find Chutney on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChutneyMatcafe/

and on their website: http://www.chutney.se/


2. Mahalo – Hälsocafet

Mahalo is an all vegan café which offers all different kinds of food such as buddha bowls, burgers, wraps, smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, milkshakes etc.! We tried different dishes and especially liked the burger with sweet potatoe fries and the buddha bowl. The cover picture of this post was also taken there 🙂 The interiour of Mahalo is just awesome, so many cute plants and decorations and it’s also possible to eat upstairs on a balcony!

You find Mahalo at Hornsgatan 61.

Ken also cooperated with Mahalo, so if you have good eyes you can find his picture here on Mahalo’s Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/mahalosthlm/

Here is the Facebookpage of Mahalo: https://www.facebook.com/mahalosthlm

and their website: https://www.halsocafet.se/


1. Hermans

Our all time favourite restaurant in Stockholm was Hermans, we’ve now been there seven times in six months 🙂 Hermans offers an awesome, colourful and healthy all you can eat buffet with all vegan food. Compared to many other restaurants in Stockholm, it’s cheaper when you go for lunch. The all you can eat lunch buffet costs 135 SEK (around 14€) and includes water, coffee and tea as well! In the evenings it’s a bit more expensive and then they offer a student discount. The buffet ususally includes many different salads, rice, potatoes, a curry, another vegetable sauce, a hot dish (lasagna, moussaka or sheperds pie), homemade bread with tapenade, hummus, herb margarine and/or aioli, sometimes a soup or a meat replacement. You can really stuff yourself there! 🙂

You can also just come for a coffee variation or tea and cake! The baked goods and other hot beverages besides tea and regular coffee aren’t included in the all you can buffet though.

Also if you’re lucky with your table you have the most amazing view over Stockholm and in summer it’s also possible to sit outside on a terrace!

Ken also cooperated with Hermans, so let’s see if they’ll post a picture of him in the next days 🙂 https://www.instagram.com/hermans_givepeasachance/

The restaurant is located at Fjällgatan 23 B in Stockholm. Here’s their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hermansgivepeasachance/

and their website: http://hermans.se/

Best make sure to reserve a table a couple of days before you go there!

So these were only three of our favourite restaurants and cafés in Stockholm, but there are many more! We also liked the vegan dishes of Dr. Mat (https://www.instagram.com/doktor.mat/), Mitt Café in Gamla Stan and the best vegan kanelbullar (cinnamon buns) can be found at Bröd&Salt (https://www.instagram.com/brodochsalt/)! 🙂 For pizza we liked Meno Male, which isn’t a vegan place but their pizza tastes sooo delicious without cheese!


A cauliflower curry with black rice and beluga lentils at Dr. Mat 

If you ever come to Stockholm, make sure to check one or two of those places out – we ate so much delicious food there!
Now we wish you a wonderful time until we publish our next blog post.

Thanks for reading!


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