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Five New Products We Discovered

Since we mostly wrote about travelling the last weeks, we wanted to write about delicious food again..:) As promised, we continue the series of new products we discovered. Let’s see what we found in Swedish supermarkets! You can also get some of the products in Germany or other countries.


  1.  Frozen Kanelbullar (Kvarnvingen)

Let’s start with something that is traditionally Swedish. If you’ve ever been to Sweden you probably know about the Swedish “Fika” where people hang out after lunchtime and enjoy a cup of coffee and something sweet, typically kanelbullar. In Sweden there’s even a national kanelbullar-day! But even if you’ve never been to Sweden, you most probably tried these cinnamon buns already. Of course it’s nice to enjoy selfmade cinnamon buns. However, we wanted to have something that we could quickly make in case friends or family come over and they want to try them. We found this package at Lidl and it cost us around 2€/17 Swedish Crowns for 12 pieces. And what to say – they’re awesome! Smaller than the ones you get at café’s in Stockholm but very tasty, vegan and definitely worth the price 🙂

2. Frozen Kardammonbullar (Kvarnvingen)

Another sweet pasrty the Swedes love, are Kardammonbullar. I loooove Kardammon so much so I had to buy these! The price was the same, approximately 2€/17 Swedish Crowns for 12 pieces. We both liked them as well, but Ken prefers the kanelbullar since the taste of kardammon is very strong in these. I can’t really decide. Luckily I don’t have to – we’ll be having both in the fridge for special treats!

We were so happy that both buns were naturally produced vegan – I hope that more and more companies will switch to vegan ingredients instead of supporting the cruel dairy industry 🙂


3. Sriracha Mayo Sauce (Flying Goose Brand)

Most of you probably already know the sriracha hot sauces. We also knew them but never bought one before we came to Sweden. They’re available in many countries, just have a look at Asian supermarkets if you can’t find them in regular supermarkets! Ken doesn’t really like spicy food and I also don’t like very hot food. Still, I wanted to try sriracha since there’s such a hype around it. With the sriracha mayo we found a sauce that is spicy but not as spicy as the “normal” sriracha hot sauces. And we really love it! It’s 2/3 gone already 😀 We use it to spice up dressings, drizzle it over pasta, rice, potatoes, even pizza. It goes with everything 😀

As far as I know, all the sriracha sauces are naturally vegan and this one cost us around 4€/37 Swedish Crowns. Prizes may differ in different locations. Give it a try! 🙂 But if you like very spicy food, check out the version without mayo.

4. Vegan Schnitzel (anamma)

Away from the Swedish and Asian stuff – now onto something very German 😀 Ken saw these vegan schnitzel’s at Lidl and they instantly landed in our cart. They are made from soy and wheat and of course it’s highly processed food and therefore not very healthy. Still, it is nice to treat yourself with something from time to time & for me schnitzel is part of a childhood memory because I sometimes ate it when we were out for dinner with my grandparents. These taste very similar to schnitzel made from dead animals. I don’t see any reason to eat animal flesh when you can have these! Healthier, easy to make and I guess with about 2,50€/28 Swedish Crowns for 6 pieces, they are more budget friendly as well. Many supermarkets around Europe and the US offer vegan meat alternatives now. Try them and find out what’s best for you! Some may not be very tasty but these schnitzel’s are definitely proof that there are delicious vegan meat alternatives on the market – you just gotta find them 🙂


5. Vegan Chorizo (Astrid Och Aporna)

Finally, we come to the product you saw in the first picture of the post – some vegan chorizo sausages. Astrid Och Aporna is a well known brand for vegan products in Sweden and they offer a wide range of vegan alternatives. You will probably see more of them on our blog in the future. Ken needed some sausages because he wanted to make vegan hot dogs and we decided to buy these mild corizos, but there’s also a hot version available. Unfortunately, they were a bit more expensive, with about 4€/37 Swedish Crowns for 300 g. They were tasty, but we will probably buy the sausages from anamma if we need some again, since they were cheaper and also delicious 🙂

Here are the ingrendients, in case anybody wants to know: Water, wheat gluten, vegetable oil (rapeseed), soya protein, sugar, yeast extract, spices & spice extracts, salt, thickeners: (methyl cellulose, carrageenan), natural flavouring, onion powder, preservative: (potassium sorbate), garlic powder, colour: (iron oxide).


We hope this insight in our product discoveries may help or inspire you to try out new things – because that’s what keeps cooking interesting!

Best regards,

Anouk & Ken

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