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Drottningholm Palace & our last days in Stockholm

Hej everybody!

Wherever you are, we hope you had a good week and that you take some time for yourself on this Sunday!

When this blogpost will be published, we’ll probably be on our way to Lappland already. We’ll tell you more about our last adventure here in Scandinavia next week! 🙂

In this post we wanted to show you some pictures Ken took at Drottningholm Slott (which means “The queen’s palace”) and tell you a bit about our trip there last Wednesday.

After some days where we mostly stayed at home and I had an important essay to write, we really wanted to go out and see a place we haven’t been to before. Some friends had told us that they really enjoyed Drottningholm palace and altough we’re usually not very much into palaces and castles and such, we thought – why not? We have lived in Stockholm for a while now but didn’t visit it before. At least it is the private residence of the Swedish royal family and was built in the 16th century! So we packed some hot tea, the camera and put on some warm clothes on to go on a little trip.

From Stockholm’s central station you can either take the red line number 14 to Mörby Centrum and take a bus from there or you can choose one of the green lines, 17 or 18, in the direction of Hässelby Strand and get off at Brommaplan. We choose the second option and took a bus from Brommaplan (there are busses leaving every 10 minutes or so) for only a few stops and got off at Drottningholm. Once you’re there, there’s a Presbyrån (Swedish kiosk) and you can get yourself some snacks or a hot beverage to take along your walk through the royal gardens.

The view when you first arrive at Drottningholm is just awesome – a beautiful lake (which was partly frozen when we were there) in front of the royal builduings. We enjoyed the view and the sunshine so much! Let’s say we really needed our vitamin D supplements the last weeks, the weather was not so great. But this day we were lucky, the sky was blue and the sun beams tickled our faces 🙂

For around 1,5-2 hours we walked through the royal gardens which consist of different very small islands, a maze, a royal church, a chinese pavillon, a palace theatre and much more. In this time we couldn’t see all of the gardens and after a while it just got too cold, but it was still very lovely with frost covering everything. I can imagine it’s very beautiful in summer as well! By the way, Drottningholms Slott is also an UNESCO world heritage site! 🙂

We didn’t even go inside the royal palace because the entrance fee is 65 SEK (about 7€) for students and 130 SEK (about 14€) for adults and we just wanted to be outside, so it wasn’t our priority. We heard it’s beautiful inside though 🙂 Visiting the royal gardens is for free and a nice option if you wanna go outside and see some beautiful buildings.

So we’ve crossed one more thing from our list of stuff we wanted to do in Stockholm and really had an awesome day at Drottningholm palace. Maybe some of you could take something from it or got inspired.

However, we wish you all a relaxed evening and take care.

You’ll hear from us again next week, when we publish our last blogpost from Stockholm!

Until then,

Anouk & Ken


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