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Backpacking through South East Asia

Hey there!

I know… It’s been a while. But we are back on the blog now! Let’s see how regularly we will manage to post.

Ken has recently started to work in his old job again and moved in with two very good friends – we’re both so happy about it 🙂 And for my part, I moved back to Tübingen, where I study and also started an internship at a small local arthouse cinema two weeks ago. Also I’m beyond excited to soon be moving in with a dear friend of mine, who joined us for many adventures in and around Stockholm!

But now let’s talk about our more recent travel adventures through South East Asia.

This friend I’ll be moving in with and her boyfriend were our travel companions when we went backpacking (and they went suitcasing :D) for three weeks. In this blogpost I’d just like to tell you where and for how long we stayed, some more information on the route we picked etc. I will also include some pictures Ken took along the way, however they are not chronically arranged and you will of course get to see many more photos in the upcoming blog posts! There will be more blog posts coming up about this trip, where we will explain everything in more detail – since we already got some requests for more blog posts and infos about our travels 🙂

(Here we crossed the border from Thailand to Cambodia at Poipet)

We loved staying in Sweden and travelling around Scandinavia so much and I must admit, I miss it a lot. It’s kinda sad to fall in love with living in a place even though you know you have to leave again and everything will change so much in such a short time.. However, we decided not to be sad but to go on new adventures instead 🙂 It helped so much to be able to plan our trip to Asia while we were still in Stockholm and during the short time we were in Germany in between. It helped us to look forward and not backwards and I’m glad we had this opportunity before we started to settle back into our lives here in Germany.

We decided to go to South East Asia since we wanted to go somewhere really warm after the cold winter in Sweden and also somewhere we’ve never been to that isn’t too expensive. Both Ken and I knew we wanted to go to South East Asia someday anyways, since we’ve heard so many beautiful stories about these countries from friends. So this was the perfect time 🙂 We were very happy to be able to travel with our friends, it was so much fun traveling in this small group!

When we knew we had three weeks time for traveling, we decided to make the most of the comparably short time and travel through three countries: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Since we knew it wouldn’t be possible to really go to many places in the different countries in such a short time, we decided to stay in the South. We wanted to be able to have awesome beach days (which we had :)) whenever we felt like it. The only stops we were sure about when we hopped on the airplane were Bangkok (Thailand), were we arrived and Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon, from where we booked our flights back. All the stops in between were a mixture of ideas of places we wanted to go to when we were still in Germany, tips from friends and family and results of spontanous decisions while traveling.

We ended up with this route:

02.02. flights from Munich to Abu Dhabi to Bangkok (Thailand)

–> 05.02. trip to Koh Chang Island (Thailand)

–> 08. 02. trip to Siem Reap (Cambodia)

–> 10.02. trip to Kampot (Cambodia)

–> 14.02. trip to Phu Quoc Island (Vietnam)

–> 17.02. trip to Can Tho (Vietnam)

–> 19.02. trip to Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon (Vietnam)

23.02. flights from Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon to Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi to Munich

(On the ferry to Koh Chang)

We originally planned on staying in each country for about one week and to go to at least two places. We ended up shortening our stay in Cambodia a bit and had more time in Vietnam at the end but we were totally happy with that. We were aware of the fact that with our way of traveling we could not have planned everything out beforehand. We traveled with many different vehicles, such as busses, sleeping busses, minivans, ferries, taxis, tuck tucks, motorbikes, island taxis, bicycles…

To me, this trip was incredibly exciting and I wanted to get to know at least bits and pieces of the culture of each country we visited, even though we didn’t have that much time – and it worked out! We got to know different places in different countries in South East Asia and realized a lot of differences between the countries. We definitely plan to come back to visit these countries again some day and then we will focus more on the Northern parts. I’ve heard so many beautiful things especially about North Thailand and the Northern part of Vietnam! And to be honest, from what I’ve seen and experienced I liked these two countries more than Cambodia, however all three were great!

(Canal in Bangkok)

Now please let us know, what do you want to know? What would you like to read about more? Is there a specific topic concerning our travels we should write a post about?

We thought about writing different posts about each country we visited and to go into more detail about where we stayed and what we’ve done and so on. We also thought about writing about (vegan) food options in these countries, how to pack for a backpacking trip in a warm climate, how much money such a trip costs.. We have lots of ideas 🙂

We hope you’re all having a good time, wherever you are!
Until then,

Anouk & Ken

(The entrance of our hotel in Siem Reap)

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