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Food Recipe Vegan

Quick Bounty Bars

Hej there!

I hope everyone is doing fine in the last hours of 2017. This was an exciting year for us and hopefully the upcoming year will be as exciting as this one! We traveled a lot and we saw nearly whole Scandinavia, we moved to another country, we started living together in our own flat for the first time and we did so many more amazing things this year. I am very thankful for one of the most beautiful years in my life.

This years last post will be another recipe. A quick one, so maybe you can even make it before you go to your New Years Eve party as an amazing vegan snack! Lets start…

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Welcome to Skansen!

Hej guys!

A new week, a new blog post. Last week was still very busy because my parents were in Stockholm to visit us and discover a new city! They enjoyed the trip but they expected Stockholm to “look a bit more like London”. Now they know it better! In my opinion you can’t compare the cities but I love both of them. We did a lot of things… Went to Hermans, the Museum of Modern Art, The Nobel Museum, and a lot more.

On the day before they left we went to a place called “Skansen”. This place is a little village where people live, work, eat and shop like 100-250 years ago. Just to be sure you are aware of that: Everything there is a big role play. You pay around 12€ entry so they can pay the actors and everything else there. I wasn’t sure about what to expect because I heard good and bad things about this place but my parents wanted to see it so I joined. I am glad I did!

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Food Recipe Vegan

Zucchini patties

Hej dear readers!

Currently we are pretty busy since we have a lot of people visiting us. Anouk’s and my family came right after another and we wanted to show them the best sides and sights of Stockholm! Södermalm, Gamla Stan, Monteliusvägen, Hermans, Botanical Garden, and so on. It seemed like it would be a never ending list with spots we want to share but time is always running. Even we still have to see some places, café’s and restaurants here in Stockholm. But we still have a bit more than two months ahead of us…

Lets switch to this weeks post theme: Zucchini patty recipe! The second recipe which got featured in the THRIVE Magazin in the US. Still proud to have a four site long article written about me in a printed magazine which is available in stores all over the US.

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Food Recipe Vegan

Apple pancakes

Hey guys!

It happened a lot again this week! We had a friend from Germany visiting us and Anouk & I visited the holiday park “Gröna Lund” today. It was a beautiful day and it was also the last chance during our stay in Stockholm to visit the park. The reason for that is the winter break. The park is not the only reason why you definitely feel that winter is coming. Since the time change it’s already dark at 4 pm and it gets also colder each day. We are so excited how it will continue.

But now lets talk about the main topic in this post. This week we have something special for you: An apple pancake recipe! This is our first recipe ever on this blog. The recipe was also published on a vegan food and lifestyle magazine called “Thrive” in the US.

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First steps in Stockholm

After months of preparation and excitement the day did finally come. The 16th of August 2017. On this day we took a plane from Stuttgart to Hamburg and finally to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. We arrived around 20:15 to the prime time. Is it true? We are finally here? Back in the plane we had a very nice moment just before we reached Stockholm. We

looked out of the windows and there we saw islands everywhere. Beautiful never ending forests in a gorgeous sunset. Stockholm wanted to give us a warm welcome with this view. What an amazing start to our 5 1/2 months of living there.

We got our suitcases pretty fast and directlybought the tickets for the “Flybussarna” at the gate. This bus brought us to the Central Station. The tickets were around 99 SEK for each person which are about 11€. Armed with the tickets we left the gate and searched for a cash machine because we needed to get money to pay the rent. We found one next to a Exchange Office. Ok, how to chose? Where to get the money? “WE SELL” “WE BUY”… nobody gets this! After a quick google session we decided to ask the guy in the Office where we get the best exchange rates so we decided: Cash machine and exchange rate defined by the bank in our home country. In retrospect the right decision! Highly recommended informing yourself before you draw out money! With the money, suitcases and bus tickets in our hands and a lot of excitement in our heads we took the bus to “T-Centralen”. Thanks to Google Maps it was no problem at all to find the way to the area we’ll live: “Enskede Gård”. Our landlord did already wait for us because we were a little late.

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