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We Stray and Stay – it took us a while to decide for a title. After a few considerations we came up with it and sticked to it because to us, this title is something new, fresh, it describes us both, our way to live our lifes.

Most importantly, it’s literally the perfect name for the phase of our lives we’re in at the moment – exploring a new city, a new country, and staying in a flat together for the first time – see, how well that works together with the title? 🙂

We are a vegan couple from Southern Germany and recently moved to Stockholm, where we will live for about half a year. Ken is a Compositing Artist and will do mostly the more technical stuff for our blog. He’s also in charge of the photography. Anouk is a student of Social Anthropology. She takes care of the writing and finding ideas for blog posts. However,  we might mix up this aportionment a bit in the future.

On our blog we will share vegan food, travel stories, adventures from our everyday life and much more!

With We Stray and Stay we want to build something new, something that we haven’t done before. We want to share parts of our lives with you and we also enjoy the thought of having it as kind of a diary, something that makes us remember our adventures and experiences.

We’re definetely excited to remember them with you, welcome at We Stray and Stay! 🙂