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A Boattrip to Riga

Sunday evening, time for a new blogpost!

This time we want to tell you about our trip to Latvia. At the beginning of the week, friends told us about a weekendtrip to Riga by ferry. We booked a four bed cabin for only 89€ altogether!

We started on Friday 5 pm from Stockholm’s harbour and around 11 am on Saturday we arrived in Riga! Still a little sleepy after a long night, we started walking to the city center. We all did not know much about Riga before we arrived and only knew that the oldtown was supposed to be pretty. So that was were we went first.

When we arrived at a marketplace we decided to get some coffee first. Fortunately the café of our choice offered freshly made smoothies as well! A fruity vitamine bomb always helps in the morning! 🙂

(© Anke Zimmermann)

With the drinks in our hands we walked through the (indeed) beautiful oldtown in the direction of some city market halls. In the halls in this small district you could buy many different things. There was a marketplace outside as well and people sold fruit, vegetables, nuts, handmade clothes, old crockery and so much more.

We began to feel a little hungry and bought some huuuge nectarines, which cost us a little more than 1€ per piece. Afterwards we thought the woman who sold them to us might have charged us more than the price on the tag said, because we of course looked like tourists… The nectarines were very delicious though! After this snack we had some Latvian delicacies as well. It was some sort of filled pastry with spinach and dill in it. We loved it! Our next destination was a Latvian supermarket because of course we wanted to check that out as well! Besides of some other things we bought a typical Latvian candy. It was a Sunflowerseedbar with syrup! 🙂

We decided to head back to the oldtown and strolled through a very beautiful parc along the Pilsetas channel. When it started to rain we found shelter in a wonderful small café called “The Good Father”. This was definitely a highlight! The waitresses were super friendly and we sat inside a sort of greenhouse or winter garden. All the decoration and furniture looked so pretty!

(© Anke Zimmermann)

Unfortunately we could not stay any longer since our ferry started at 5 pm. The way back to the harbour was quite short. Even though Riga is the capital of Latvia, we got the impression of it not being a very big city. We thought it was more a cute small town.  We must say, the mentality of the city felt turby and also a bit depressive, since people did not smile much and did not look very happy. Still, we enjoyed the day there and we liked the oldtown and the market very much!

Back on the ferry we spent the evening with our new found friends. Together we were around 20 people with many different nationalities: Indian, Swedish, Dutch, Portugese, Italian, German, American, Romanian, Brasilian, Turkish.

A very cool evening and a short night later we arrived back in Stockholm.

What stays are wonderful impressions, new friends, delicious souvenirs and a headache! 😀

We wish you a great start into the new week!
Anouk & Ken

(© Anke Zimmermann)

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